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Certifications & exports
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Certifications and exports

Transparency and traceability, quality and food safety are key words on which the company has focused from its first steps, making them indispensable pillars on which its current values moving in a single direction are based: high-quality.

The main objective is to guarantee its customers the best and in order to do so, Bomé has dedicated itself to obtaining notable voluntary certifications aimed at highlighting this commitment.


The IFS (International Food Standard) standard, recognised by the GLOBAL FOOD SAFETY INITIATIVE (GFSI) with the primary purpose of enhancing and supporting food safety throughout the supply chain.


Bomè is an organic operator recognised by the certifying body Bioagricert, thus confirming full compliance with mandatory Italian and Community legislation for all products and processes of interest.


For several years, the company has relied on Halal Italia, the Italian body for Islamic certification, thus guaranteeing total reliability and access to the Islamic population of Italy and the world and thereby opening up the most significant international markets.


We respect the production specifications of the Trentino Quality trademark established by the Autonomous Province of Trento, which guarantees the regional origin, craftsmanship, flavours and traditions of Trentino.

Export licences
Flavours on the move

In recent years the company has focused on obtaining export licences in Europe, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, North Macedonia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine, Israel, Kuwait, Turkey, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ghana, India, Brazil, Vietnam, Cuba, Peru, the islands of Mauritius, Lebanon, Oman, Jordan, the Maldives and Georgia.