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Production of pancetta, turkey and other Halal-certified cured meats

The Bomè company, certified since 2014 with Halal Italia, produces a line which satisfies and delights every palate, from smoked and delicate cooked products to cured products. The raw materials are strictly selected and the entire supply chain is therefore certified.

With commitment and dedication, the company has obtained the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia export licence.

The products are intended for consumption after slicing and do not contain allergens, gluten, milk products or GMOs.

Our Halal products
Certification and exports

Halal products have the following certifications: IFS and HALAL. Today, depending on the raw material and processing, they are exported to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Europe, Qatar and Switzerland.

From Halal-certified raw materials these products are prepared, flavoured and, in some cases, smoked according to the traditional Bomè recipe.