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Organic Products
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Organic Products

Production of Organic Salted Meats, Pancetta and Speck

In 2017, with the support of the Bioagricert organisation, the company obtained ORGANIC certification as a global agri-food production system based on best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity, the protection of natural resources and the application of strict criteria on animal welfare. It thus meets the needs of customers looking for products obtained with natural substances and processes.

The Bomè company has certified the entire production process by separating the lines and dedicating equipment exclusively for ORGANIC processing, thus guaranteeing the conformity of the product.

The products are intended for consumption after slicing and do not contain allergens, gluten, milk products or GMOs.

Our organic cured meats
Certification and exports

ORGANIC products have the following certifications: IFS and organic. They are today exported to Europe.

Bomè’s organic products are meticulously crafted with careful attention, following the protocols outlined in National and European regulations regarding organic production and labelling.
The entire supply chain is subject to inspection visits and is certified.