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Salted Meat
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Salted Meat

Production of the traditional salted meat of Trentino

The Bomè cured meat factory produces authentic salted meat to a Trentino recipe artisanally-prepared according to ancient traditions.
The salted meat is a low-fat product (only 100 kcal per 100 g of product and less than 1.5% fat) and it does not contain allergens, gluten, milk products or GMOs.

The cured meat factory certifies the production of HALAL salted meat.

Our salted meat
Certification and exports
An interesting fact

Our salted meat has the following certifications: organic and IFS. It is currently exported to Europe, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Switzerland.

The finest, carefully selected rump steaks are prepared naturally, dry-salted with coarse salt, pepper and other spices, placed in vats, and then left in brine for about 30 days to encourage the slow, natural penetration of the salt and flavourings throughout.

Typical Trentino recipes include the famous salted meat and beans or salted meat carpaccio accompanied by Parmesan shavings, olive oil and lemon.