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The Specialties
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The Specialties

Production of typical cold cuts and traditional specialties

Artisan production and traditional recipes of the Trentino give the products the uniqueness typical of their region, with the unique and delicate Bomé taste.

In fact, in its range of delicacies, the company also pays particular attention to other high-quality products which are perhaps less noted and less well known.

These include Fumatello, an excellent lightly smoked carpaccio; Lonzino, a seasoned pork loin with a soft texture and a dry flavour; Lardo “Antichi Sapori”, a delicious, fragrant natural lard; and Gran Beef and Sottofesa all’inglese, one of the most British of dishes — making it perfect is a real art!

The products are intended for consumption after slicing and do not contain allergens, gluten, milk products or GMOs.

Our specialties
Certification and exports

The specialties have the following certification: IFS. Today, depending on the raw material and processing, they are exported to Europe, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Speciality is synonymous with attention to detail, and the diversity of products within this category puts Bomè’s skills to the test in a variety of fields: from brining in vats, baking and smoking, to the ageing process.