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Cooked meats
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Cooked meats

Production of Speckcotto, herb-roasted turkey and other baked products

Over the years, the Bomè company has expanded its range of products with the production of cooked meats.

This focuses on various products differing in their taste and unique, delicate flavours which are capable of satisfying and delighting every palate. The latest news? A fine cooked white veal, ideal accompanied by a delicious tuna sauce

The products are intended for consumption after slicing and do not contain allergens, gluten, milk products or GMOs.

Our cooked meats
Certification and exports

The cooked meats have the following certification: IFS. Today, depending on the raw material and the processing, they are exported to Europe and Switzerland.

For pork, the best, carefully selected, trimmed legs of pork are used with the fat removed. Bomè likewise does not compromise when selecting the quality of other species: the turkey is 100% Italian in origin, and the veal is white, with a unique light and delicate colour. The products are prepared and flavoured and, in some cases, smoked according to the traditional Bomé recipe.