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The Speck
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The speck

Production of speck, typical of Trentino-Alto Adige

Speck has always been the Bomè company’s main product.
The slab of speck represents excellence in quality and flavour. In addition to the slab of speck, the company also produces the classic cuts: wholehalf and sliced.

The products are intended for consumption after slicing and do not contain allergens, gluten, milk products or GMOs.

The specks
Certification and exports
An interesting fact

The speck has the following certifications: organic, IFS and QT. It is currently exported to Canada, Europe, Ghana, Japan, Hong Kong, Montenegro, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Switzerland and Taiwan.

The hind leg of the pig is used to produce high-quality Speck. It is rounded at the tip, trimmed, cleaned and dry-brined with salt, pepper and juniper for at least three weeks, with continuous rubbing of the legs. After salting, the speck is smoked in special rooms with specific sawdust and juniper, after which it is placed in curing rooms which vary depending on the desired product. Six months is required for a haute-cuisine cured product and four months for a younger product.

Speck must be left at room temperature for a few minutes so that its aroma can fully develop and the right consistency is obtained.
The speck is usually sliced into strips at least 2 cm thick and served with traditional black bread.
To enhance the aromatic taste of the speck, we recommend pairing it with full-flavoured wines such as Pinot Noir or Lagrein Rosé.